Jurist Company, Inc. was established in 1953 as a high quality, multi color lithographer specializing in Point of Purchase material to the Cosmetic Industry. Although we still serve the Cosmetic Industry, our client base has grown far beyond this industry.
We are a full service shop running three shifts and serving the financial markets, ad agencies, and direct mail.
We are a supplier of sheetfed work to such companies as Merrill, Ferrari/Maserati Revlon, and Verizon. Due to our attention to detail and quality, we have also attracted many clients in the Fine Jewelry Industry such as Kwiat and Seaman Schepps.
Our mix of work, Financial and Commercial, allow us to offer the best of both worlds to our clients. Since we run three shifts to service the financial markets, our commercial clients, such as you benefit from fast turn around and no in-house overtime.
We look forward to working with you as a partner, not just a vendor!!!